I am Mazyar Asghary.

For years, I have been working in fields of Art, Graphic Design, Character Design, Drawing and Painting, Photography, Sculpturing, Music, Literature, Fiction

In all mentioned fields, I have worked with many of the biggest companies in the world and as a consequence the reflection of these cooperations has led to great achievements.

Individual and group Exhibitions in areas such as Design and Print.

I have presented my expertise in the form of Graphic, Presentation,

Character Design, Art Management, Holding I have always dreamed of making a better life filled with world peace, Love and beauty by deployment of all my skills and what comes from my soul.

I am so happy that you are into my world! I hope I will enter your world through my works !

If you ask about my world:

Peace is the atmosphere and Love is the Oxygen and happiness which is every human’s right !

In my world freedom and lack of fear are admired and children are the special citizens of my world.

In each part of the site categories I have explained some about my world and its relation to the work pieces I have created.